Rejäl uppdatering av datamodellen för balansrapport

Ni är många som efterlyst den och idag är den sjösatt. En helt ny och komplett datamodell för balansrapporter.


Återfinns här: fortnox_reports.balance_sheet. Se alla datamodeller.


Samtliga månader för alla aktiva konton ingår, oavsett om det förekommit en transaktion den månaden.

Istället för enbart balansen ingår nu samtliga poster från Fortnox vanliga balansräkning

  • Ingående balans (BalanceBroughtForward)
  • Ingående saldo (PeriodOpeningBalance)
  • Period (PeriodBalance)
  • Utgående balans (BalanceCarriedForward)

Exempel balansrapport från Fortnox

Detta är ett exempel på Fortnox vanliga balansrapport.

Från datamodellen

Så här ser datan ut som kommer ut från datamodellen.


Ställ en fråga här eller kontakta oss direkt.

Dear Jon, this is an amazing feature and very helpful indeed.

I am trying to prepare a balance sheet for one of our organizations but it is not pulling the data for this year’s months only, is this an issue from Enhanza or our side? On the other organization it is working.

I am using “balance carried forward” as the “values” field. I also tried Period Balance and it gave the same issue

Hey @mgammal! Welcome to the community! :wave:

I am happy that you find the balance report valuable!

While looking over your both connections I see now issue with them. They data is their and should be populated in your report.

Did you perhaps apply any filters in your Google Sheets report?

If you didn’t, please share access to the Google Sheets document and I’ll take a took.

Looking forward to sort this out for you!

thank you so much. Shared access with you, Jon. Thank you for the wonderful support and quick reply

It’s my great honour to support you. Thank you for sharing the Google Sheet.

Could you kindly also share a balance report from Fortnox for 2023-08-01 and 2023-08-31 for that same company?

thank you so much. I have emailed you the requested report, Jon

Dear @mgammal!

The issue is found and fixed. :white_check_mark:

When your workspace was migrated to Enhanza 2.0, some accounts were not migrated correctly. So the account plan, on which the balance report is built in, was not complete.

That has now been solved, and you can rest assure that Enhanza 2.0 got you covered in regards to data quality.

I noticed you didn’t include account numbers in your balance report. In case an account has different names between financial years, those will end up on separate rows. But I’m sure you know that. :nerd_face:

Thanks again for reaching out. Feel free to create a new post in case you have any other questions.

thank you so much @jonshubeli

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