Permissions to export from BigQuery to Azure?


We’re working with a client to integrate data from a large number of services, one of which is Fortnox. Our preference goes to Enhanza because it provides us with a clean, modeled set of data, but we need the data on Azure not GCP. Is it an option to get additional permissions (e.g. a service account) so that we can transfer the data from BQ to Azure?

The alternative is to develop our own integration with the Fortnox API, but we’d like to first check if we can use Enhanza.



Hey @christophe! Welcome to the forum. :wave:

We would be happy to setup a service account with the needed permissions. After all, the data belongs to you/your client and we don’t lay any restriction on how you interact with it. :bird:

Feel free to book a free advisory call to discuss you specific needs in more details.

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Thanks for providing us with a service account!

We have set up integration from BQ to Azure up and data is flowing between the two. We use a Linked Service in Azure to connect to BQ and, whilst service authentication is supported, it requires extra steps and additional infrastructure. User authentication appears to be the better authentication method when using a Linked Service.

Is it an option to provide us with a client ID, client secret and refresh token? (As an alternative to a service account.)

Thanks in advance!

Hey @christophe! I understod from your previous question about table schemas that you are pretty advance users.

As I suggested to that question, it will be the way forward also for setting up a Linked Service in Azure, to create your own Google Cloud project. Our consultants would be more than happy to assist you with anything you might need in that environment.

Thanks! I will reach out via email to follow up :slight_smile:

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