New release: Enhanza 2.0 is here!

Finally the day has come. The second generation of Enhanza is now live. Here I describe the major improvements it brings to all our users.


  • Completely new user platform.
  • Completely new data engine under the hood.
  • Data security raised to extreme level.
  • All existing accounts needs to be manually migrated.
  • Main language changed to English to support our growing number of non Swedish users.

The new application

Enhanza’s application is still reached at All existing user accounts are valid.

Creating a new account

Use your existing Google or Microsoft account, or just any other email account to to get onboard.

The guide will help you create your Workspace. A workspace is a shared space that holds your users, connections (e.g. Fortnox), viewers, subscription and much more.
All existing accounts from Enhanza, generation 1, will be migrated to a workspace.

Add you first connection

Directly after the previous step, we take your hand and help you set up your first connection.
A “connection” is just that, a connection to your external system that holds your data.

We always hold your data privacy as the number one priority. You are 100% in control.

  • Decide which data Enhanza should be given access to (see screenshot below).
  • Invite users to your workspace and share data access to viewers only to those you trust.
  • All your data will be completely deleted if you ever decide to remove a connection.

Choose the amount of historical data you want to sync. Speed up the initial sync and the reporting by only syncing the data you need.

That’s it. Setting up your connection(s) is just as simple as that. :partying_face:

Connecting your BI tool

Enhanza’s main objective is to simply the BI process so anyone can gain insights from their critical business data. For every step, we seek to remove obstacles and prepare as much as possible for our users.

Therefore, we have now created a powerful yet simple interactive Connection Guide that helps you connect any BI tools of your choice.

Monitor your connections

We know that your trust in the data is crucial while working with and sharing your reports.
Therefore we have placed great resources in given you control of the sync processes.

In both card and list view you can, at a glance, see the last synced status.

On the single connection view, your insights deepens.

  • When was each table last has synced?
  • When was the latest synced completed.
  • When is the next sync planned to take place?

But that’s not enough. You can at any time, manually trigger a sync, in case you just made some changes you want to get over to your reporting.

Share access to workspace and data

Invite users to gain access to your Enhanza workspace with proper permissions.

Give view access to your data from external BI tools by adding viewers.
This is big. You can now choose to share view access with any Google account, or to create a service account with one click to use with tools from Microsoft’s and others.

Share dashboard within Enhanza

This is huge! Now you can share dashboards with your employees or customers from within Enhanza platform. Benefit from the flexible login alternatives and let each user login in with Google, Microsoft or any other email account. Each user will only see data they have access to.

No more complex dashboard development and expensive licenses.

Build you own dashboard if you like, using Google Looker Studio. Kickstart from our template below or start from scratch. Our data experts would be happy to assist you - or simple fall back to our default dashboard available to all our users.

Gather your clients as partner

Do you support your customers with e.g. financial services or business intelligence? Manage all your customer’s Enhanza workspaces within one parent partner workspace. This open doors for you to monetorize your expertise to the masses.

So much more

This summary just pinpoint some of the many news that Enhanza 2.0 brings to our users. What about 10 times faster initial sync, extreme data security with waterproof separation of workspaces datasets and credit card payment.

Share your thoughts!

We can’t wait to hear what you think about all the effort we’ve placed in this new platform. After all, it was all for you. Please add a reply and share you thoughts. They mean all to us.