Migrate Google Looker Studio to Enhanza generation 2

If you’re an existing user of Enhanza’s connector to Fortnox for Google Looker Studio, you will need to migrate your existing reports as described below.

Replace Fortnox connector

Are you using one of these connectors?

Then you need to replace them with the one new connector :star2: that replaces all other.

Connection to Google Bigquery

If you are connected directly to one of Enhanzas tables in Google Bigquery, you can simple edit that data source and point to the same table in your new private dataset.

Your data now lives in private datasets, partly named after your unique Workspace ID.

Enhanza is the new project. Projekt Enhanza ELT will be turned off.

Need help?

Write a post in Google Looker Studio and we’ll be there to assist you. Or reach out directly.