How to make your changes in Google Dataform

Ok, you did a great job and made some changes in your .js or .sqlx files in Dataform workspace. Now it’s time to make those changes come to life!

Here is the checklist of what should you do:

  1. Once you’ve made some changes in your .js or .sqlx files in the workspace, click “+ Commit X changes”

  2. Enter some commit message in the sidebar that would open and press “Commit all files”

  3. Press the arrow to “Push to remote branch”


  1. Additionally, you can “Push to default branch” for other developers in your repository to see your changes, hidden under three dots menu

  1. Then upload your changes to Google Bigquery! Go to “Start execution” => “All actions”

  1. No need to select any specific files, just press “Start Execution”

I recommend RUN your query before following the steps above to make sure there are no errors. Otherwise, you won’t be able to EXECUTE your query in the very end, meaning you will have to correct the mistake and start all over again.

Good luck with your data!

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Thank you for an informative and valuable guide, @Kateryna_Gryshchenko! :clap: