How to add additional table to PowerBI

Our PowerBI connector supports all major bi views and tables from your Fortnox dataset. However, you may need to add something more to perform a specific analysis of your data. Here is how you can easily do it.

Open your *.pbix file in PowerBI desktop application and go to Transform Data tab.

In the list of Queries, pick any table of your choice, right-click on it, and use Duplicate option. It doesn’t matter which table you will choose at this step - this will be a draft for your new table.

Your copy usually appears at the end of the list with (2) as suffix to it’s name. Locate and give it any name you’d like using Rename.

Then, go to Advanced Editor.

First of all, make sure to define a dataset where your table is located. All fact and dimension tables are in fortnox_bi, but you may need custom dataset for specific queries made in BigQuery or fortnox_api for raw data.

Finally, write the name of your table instead of the name of the table you duplicated. You do not need to change anything else in the Advanced Editor.

Once done, click Save & Apply to apply your changes and exist the Transform Data mode.

Your data will be loaded once again. You will see your newly added table in the Data right pane.

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